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FCN Training Academy reserves the right to alter prices from those published. It is the responsibility of those wishing to attend a particular training course to make full payment as soon as possible to guarantee a delegate place at the course. Manned by 20 multilingual market professionals we present a diversified educational knowledge base to empower our customers with a competitive advantage. But the demand and supply of the world’s currencies are influenced by many other factors.

I recommend every prospective student or traveler going aboard to use ukraine european union relations and experience their amazing service. HKD is known to be an exotic currency and the prices of the same in India are often unfavorable. This is because the supply of Hong Kong dollars is often scarce in India. It is, therefore, often a smart travel decision to carry US Dollars in place of HKD when traveling to Hong Kong and exchange the USD for HKD in Hong Kong itself. As counterintuitive as it may seem, the conversion from INR-USD-HKD can indeed be significantly cheaper than the direct conversion from INR-HKD.

They range from monetary policies to politics and other factors that affect the economy. This is the most common pair to trade the Hong Kong currency. Many consider HKD to be the gateway of capital into and out of the world’s second largest economy, China, since both are becoming increasingly integrated. (New throughout; changes dateline, previous LONDON)By Kate DuguidNEW YORK, Dec The U.S. dollar rose on Wednesday as strong economic data decreased the chances the Federal…

Dollar heading for first monthly gain since September

If you have any problems with software installations prior to the course, please notify FCN Training Academy. Inflation rates are direct indicators of the purchasing power of a country’s currency. If the inflation rate is high in your country, you might need more money to buy a cup of coffee now than you did last year. If it is low, the same cup of coffee will cost surprisingly lower.


If the need for a particular‘s currency is high, the high demand leads to a higher forex rate, and vice versa. Dollar to Hong Kong Dollar rate is live on this page. USD to HKD and its inverted exchange rate HKD to USD are updated during market working hours.

Changing inflation rates

Currency graphs have been hyperactive with high jumps and low dips lately. This fluctuation is normal and is governed by supply and demand. Currency exchange involves the buying and selling of the world’s monies vis-à-vis any other commodity.

In the event that onsite training is cancelled by the client, the client will be charged any cancellation costs incurred by FCN Training Academy for travel or accommodation that has already been booked. All cancellations must be received in writing/email. FCN Training Academy is unable to cover the costs of lunch or refreshments for onsite training.

Zero-Covid strategy threatens Hong Kong’s growth prospects for 2022 – ING Think

Zero-Covid strategy threatens Hong Kong’s growth prospects for 2022.

Posted: Fri, 21 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

“Given negative HKD-USD rate spreads and as hefty inflows are yet to come, further intervention is still likely,” said Frances Cheung, rates strategist at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. in Singapore. “The comfortable zone” for the aggregate balance may be HK$40 billion to HK$70 billion, she added. The HKMA bought HK$7.1 billion ($905 million) worth of the city’s dollars on Monday, shrinking the city aggregate balance, a measure of interbank liquidity, to HK$69.9 billion. And DBS Bank expect that gauge to bottom out at around HK$54 billion.

Rupee falls to lifetime low, bond yields climb

The accused lured the complainant with an offer of $15,000 in exchange for ₹4.5 lakh in Indian currency, but cheated the complainant, a police official said. The second currency is the variable/quote/term currency. Module is to understand these concepts in relation to spot rates.

  • Bad political temperatures can lead to the weakening of a country’s currency and cause it to trade for less in the forex market.
  • Hong Kong dollar is the official currency of Hong Kong.
  • Much of the whipsawing currently happening in the Forex market is linked to the coronavirus.
  • (New throughout; changes dateline, previous LONDON)By Kate DuguidNEW YORK, Dec The U.S. dollar rose on Wednesday as strong economic data decreased the chances the Federal…

By Ambar Warrick– Most Asian currencies moved little on Tuesday, while the U.S. dollar curbed a recent losing streak as markets turned cautious ahead of hotly anticipated U.S…. According to the official, the police recovered ₹41,500 in cash, a $20 bill, five Saudi Arabian currency notes of denomination 50, two mobile phones, and a knife from them. Officials said the accused were apprehended by a squad from Sector 142 police station after a case was filed against them on Sunday based on a complaint from a local citizen.

FOREX-Dollar slips to 4-month low as Fed holds rates, nixes hike hopes

Hong Kong dollars can be purchased in the form of currency notes. It is also possible to send money to hong kong from India by doing a HKD wire transfer. Let’s say country A has a higher interest rate than country B. Lenders get high rates and investors are guaranteed a higher return on their investments in country A. This country will, therefore, attract more business from the outside and entrepreneurship from the inside than country B which has lower interest’s rates. The economy of country A will outperform that of country B, and it will see its currency value appreciate significantly.

Many thanks for all your dedicated & amicable support. XM sets high standards to its services because quality is just as decisive for us as for our clients. We believe that versatile financial services require versatility in thinking and a unified policy of business principles. This country would spend more currency than it receives from trading with country B. The excess demand for country B’s currency drives up its value because it starts to become scarce.

Each forex quotation has a “base” currency and a “variable/quote/term” currency. Display the home currency price of foreign currency. I used BookMyForex for my first visit to Singapore & Bali. BookMyForex representative made it easy and user friendly for me. Their staff is really helpful throughout the process and the rates applied are also lesser compared to other forex providers. I would highly recommend BookMyForex to everyone travelling abroad.

Bad political temperatures can lead to the weakening of a country’s currency and cause it to trade for less in the forex market. That is why you find that 1 USD can be worth thousands in countries with unstable politics from Venezuela to Zimbabwe. When politics is bad, it destroys the business environment and productivity, leading to a weaker economy.

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Delegates should aim to arrive onsite before this time as late arrivals may lose their entitlement to join the course. Delegates with any special dietary requirement must notify FCN at the time of booking. Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the delegate and are not included in the price of the course. FCN Training Academy supplies information on local hotels and travel without prejudice.

The overnight Hong Kong interbank offered rate, known as Hibor, the most in at least 17 years on March 21 before easing the following day. Extremely fast real-time streaming economic calendar updates data almost immediately after economic reports are released, covering nearly every country in the world. I had a great experience with BookMyForex during my travel to Sweden. These guys have an excellent Service, best market rates and a high level of professionalism.

This pair presents how many Hong Kong dollars are needed to trade USDHKD. For a deeper understanding how to trade currency pairs, for example USDHKD, you will need to know about bid and ask, pips and more, we suggest to start from basics “What is Forex Trading”. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority intervened to prop up the local dollar for the first time since February as carry trades against the currency push it past the weak end of its trading band. I am a graduate student at the Carlson School of Management with my roots in Banglore. Bookmyforex by far has the best conversion rates with the least hassles and extremely supportive staff.

A soap bar was also confiscated from their possession. The duo frequently fooled naïve people by delivering them soap wrapped in a newspaper and telling them it was cash in foreign currency that they had requested, the officer stated. According to the police, an FIR has been filed against the two at Sector 142 police station under Indian Penal Code sections 406 and 420 . “But even with such higher volatility, so long as Hibor continues to trade materially below its USD counterpart, FX carry is likely to keep USD/HKD near the top end of the band,” he added. However, analysts warn that further drainage of Hong Kong dollar liquidity would worsen the volatility in the rates market.


When it comes to ailments like influenza, malaria, and HIV AIDs, developed countries, have created better response strategies and lowered their infection rates. These countries boast of better economies as a result, and higher exchange rates in the Forex market. The USDHKD is a popular pair for trading the Hong Kong currency. Hong Kong is considered to be a gateway of capital into and out of China- the second largest economy of the world.

Exchange the amount of the variable/quote/term currency. USD is the base currency and HKD is the variable/quote/term currency. All training material provided by FCN Training Academy is copyright and intended for the access and use of delegates only. It must not be reproduced or used by those without permission to do so. The aggregate balance – the key gauge of cash in the banking system – will fall to HK$57.164 billion on April 14, an HKMA spokesperson said on Thursday morning. Just like the demand and supply of oil is influenced by the number of vehicles on the road or the technological efficiency in the production of that oil, money has similar determinants.

USD/JPY Down 25 Pips On Hourly Chart, 3 Day Up Streak Snapped … – CFDTrading

USD/JPY Down 25 Pips On Hourly Chart, 3 Day Up Streak Snapped ….

Posted: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

On the other hand, country A’s currency value will start to decline because the world is oversupplied with it. International trade affects the balance of trade between country A and B. It shows interest, dividend, and earnings made from the exchange of goods between those two countries. Country A would have a deficit of its buying more of country B’s products. High inflation rates indicate a weakening economy, while low inflation rates denote a strengthening economy. Currency values rise when the inflation rate is lower, and the economy is stronger.

Many standards have evolved overtime to standardize foreign exchange quotations. I am a happy customer of Bookmyforex, who joined in June 2016 and had never faced any difficulty in getting money transferred. I would recommend Bookmyforex to every student, professional, and tourist who want a stress-free service in this competitive world. Countless factors affect the demand and supply of a country’s currency and in turn, the exchange rate. It all boils down to economic productivity and stability.

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