So, in this file, we’ve created two variables one is an Employee object which will be null if we’re adding a new employee and it’ll have a value if we’re editing an employee. The next variable is called Title and as we’re planning to use this same form for add and edit we’ll have to show the title accordingly to the action . If you run the project you can see in the header the name privacy is replaced by employees and if you click it you’ll get an error. But you can click on the privacy link in the footer to see that the header remains the same on all pages.

Views are in charge of displaying content through the user interface. The embed .NET code in HTML markup using the razor view engine. Using this MVC Pattern, user requests are routed to a Controller, who is in charge of interacting with the Model to conduct user actions and receive query results. The Controller selects the View to be displayed to the user and supplies it with any Model data it requires. There are different NuGet Packages available for various features that can be added to the .NET Core project as needed. Even though the .NET Core library is provided as a NuGet Package.

Editing Employee in Database

Don’t get confused this URL is just a way for us to tell the controller which route to call. It’ll get clear when we’ll work on EmployeeController.cs shortly. Then we in the constructor we made a custom method named init() and then we add a definition of that function in which we’re calling another custom function initTable(). The reason why we are making so many custom functions is that it’ll make it easier in the future when we’ll be adding more functionalities like search, edit, add, etc.

ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons

Open up Postman and send a POST request to ../api/mail/send/. Line 3 – 6 Creates a new object of MimeMessage and adds in the Sender, To Address and Subject to this object. We will be filling the message related data from the ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons mailRequest and the data we get from our JSON File. The basic idea is to create an object of MimeMessage and send it using a SMTPClient instance . We will be using Mailkit and Mimekit packages for this implementation.

Step 1 – Create a New ASP.NET Core Project

DbSet is used to query and save instances of the entity which in this case is Employee. After downloading install it and connect it to see if it’s working. Reading this felt like I was having a conversation with you probably because of how simple and easy to understand you made it. Finally we have to add an action method to call this Service Function. For Demonstration purpose, let’s create a new Model, Models/WelcomeRequest.cs. This is just to hold the Registered User’s Name and his/her Email Id (we will be sending to this email id.).

ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons

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