Working Of The Lathe Machine

Al-Tawheed Engineering LLC

For proper precise cutting lathe machine is used. It holds the article in between two supports called centers or chucks. The cutting tool is placed against the revolving work. The cutting operation is done mostly in two ways

  1. Parallel to the axis of work
  2. At the right angle to the axis of work.

This machine is one of the most used machines nowadays. The reason is that it offers so many operations in one unit. Other machines are also good at their places but are not as versatile as lathe machines. Any machining shop is incomplete without a good lathe machine. The basic operations performed by lathe machine are:

  1. The turning of Plain and Step turning
  2. Facing
  3. Parting
  4. Drilling
  5. Reaming
  6. Boring
  7. Knurling
  8. Grooving
  9. Threading
  10. Forming
  11. Chamfering
  12. Filling and Polishing
  13. Taper Turning

The above-mentioned functions may vary depending upon the requirement.
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