what is lathe machineWhat is Lathe Machine

A lathe machine is a tool that is used to shape and form different materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. It is a fully versatile tool that can be used to create a variety of objects. The lathe machine consists of a bed, which the material is placed on, and a spindle, which rotates the material. The machine operator uses various tools to shape the material in any required form as it rotates. No doubt, lathe machine has been used for centuries to create a variety of objects. In the past, it was primarily used to create different household items such as bowls, plates, and many others. Today, the lathe machine working still used to create these items, but it can also be used to create more complex and advanced objects such as furniture or sculptures.

The lathe machine working is most important in any machinist's arsenal. It is a versatile tool that can be used to create a variety of parts and products. The lathe machine working process is relatively simple and can be completed by anyone expert and we have experienced professionals who are working dedicatedly to produce quality products.

Lathe Machine Working in UAE

We are located at Sharjah which is a very close to the Dubai and working since 1968. Our team of experienced professionals have years of experience and they all work hard to deliver all the products within a specified dead line. We have additional operators and workers who have the ability to work in two shifts to deliver maximum output before the time.

As discussed above, Lathe machine working in UAE can help us to build a lot of products especially for metal and plastic work. Because we are specialized in plastic and metal molding works so we are able to deliver in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Oman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries and all over the world at the lowest price. You don’t need to import lathe machine working products from Europe, china or any other country. We can easily provide you the best quality products and most importantly you can visit our office and you can check the sample product, share your custom requirements so that we deliver you the perfect products.

Lathe machine working in UAE

Lathe Machine Working in Dubai / Sharjah

The UAE is a leader in tourism, manufacturing and technology, and the lathe machine work has become increasingly popular for the efficient production of precise components for the construction and industrial sectors. Lathe machine is a machine tool which rotates a workpiece on its axis to perform various required operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning. This type of machine allows us to produce efficient parts with high precision and accuracy which are required in different businesses.

The lathe machine market in the UAE is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% from 2019 to 2024, according to a report issued by Global Market Insights. The report cites the "burgeoning automotive sector" and the "expanding construction industry" as the main drivers of market growth and few others industries are also included.

While the UAE is a leader in the manufacturing and technology industries, the lathe machines working is not limited to these sectors. The machine has a wide range of applications and can be used in the production of a variety of products. For example, lathe machines are commonly used in the metalworking industry, lathes are used to create metal parts and products.

Lathe Machine Scope

The lathe machine work is not limited to only metal, or plastic but it can be used in a variety of industries to create a variety of products. As the UAE continues to grow and develop, the demand for this type of machine is continuously increasing and expected to increase more.

The automotive industry is a major contributor to the UAE economy and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. With the expansion of the automotive sector, there is an increased demand for parts and components that can be efficiently produced with a lathe machine.

In addition to the automotive sector, the construction industry is also playing a role in the growth of the lathe machine market. The UAE is home to a number of large construction projects, such as the Expo 2020 and other related sites in Dubai. These construction projects require a large number of parts and components, many of which can be efficiently produced with a lathe machine.


Working Of The Lathe Machine

For proper precise cutting lathe machine is used. It holds the article in between two supports called centers or chucks. The cutting tool is placed against the revolving work. The cutting operation is done mostly in two ways

  1. Parallel to the axis of work
  2. At the right angle to the axis of work.

This machine is one of the most used machines nowadays. The reason is that it offers so many operations in one unit. Other machines are also good at their places but are not as versatile as lathe machines. Any machining shop is incomplete without a good lathe machine. The basic operations performed by lathe machine are:

  1. The turning of Plain and Step turning
  2. Facing
  3. Parting
  4. Drilling
  5. Reaming
  6. Boring
  7. Knurling
  8. Grooving
  9. Threading
  10. Forming
  11. Chamfering
  12. Filling and Polishing
  13. Taper Turning

The above-mentioned functions may vary depending upon the requirement.
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